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Cuisine: Signal Fire | A Modern Izakaya

Location: to be released a day before

Date: Friday , July 25th

Time: 7:30pm and 8:30 pm

1 - Garden salad: local vegetables | miso yogurt | onion crumble | fermented shrimp vinaigrette
2 - Sweet & sour carrots: gochugang | horseradish cream
3 - Ayam masak merah: chicken crepinette | spicy tomato | mint | crispy shallot
4 - Khao man gai: poached chicken | jasmine rice | winter melon
5 - Black sesame: financier | salted whip | buttered chocolate

***Courses are subject to change during the tour based on member feedback and current market prices for ingredients. For this dinner we can accommodate nut, treenut and shellfish allergies as well as pescatarian preferences. If you or your guest has one of these restrictions please email: support@dinnerlab.com and update in your member profile.

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Some people say Clark Kent was Superman. We think that's ridiculous propaganda. Chef Chris Bailey is a real life journalism grad by day, but when the red phone rings, off comes the skinny tie and on goes the chef whites. The arti-choker stands no chance against this Le Cordon Bleu grad and neither do the competitors. We won't be surprised when his East Asian menu makes you want to tie yourself to the train tracks just so you can see this hunky chef again.

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