Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is Dinner Lab?

Please see our About Us page

+ What do I get with my Dinner Lab membership and what's the cost?

Each member is granted access to the Dinner Lab website that shows the upcoming events happening in all of our markets. Members can purchase tickets to any of our seated dinner events or happy hours with availability in any city in which we operate. With a single membership you can purchase event tickets for both yourself and a non-member guest for the evening. Membership fees are determined based upon your local market and your membership plan. Tickets for individual events are purchased separately.

+ How much does a membership cost?

Membership prices are listed for each market on our "Join us" page. Tickets for individual events are purchased separately.

+ What happens after I purchase a membership?

When you purchase a membership, you'll receive a confirmation from Dinner Lab as well as a receipt for your payment via email. Once a member, you can view all upcoming events and update your member profile.

+ Can I buy a membership for someone else?

After you've become a Dinner Lab member, you'll have the ability to purchase gift memberships. Please email if you're interested in purchasing a gifted membership. Provide the recipient's full name, email address, market and date you'd like them to receive their gift.

+ Can I share a membership with my significant other or a friend?

Most couples choose to attend dinners together under one membership - once a member, you're always welcome to invite a plus one (two tickets) to each event. However, there may only be one person tied to each membership account. The member must be present with an ID at all purchased events.

+ How do the events work?

The day before the event, you'll receive an email revealing the location of the dinner. Diners need only to bring an ID and good conversation. You needn't bring a physical ticket, nor cash/cards for our events.

+ How many events do you have each year?

Event amounts vary from city to city. As we ramp up our membership base we are able to have more frequent events, so tell your friends, we want to see you weekly!

+ Why don't you tell us the location ahead of time?

Like Christmas, some things are better left a surprise.

+ Can you accommodate for my food allergy or dietary restriction?

Many (but not all) of our meals will be able to accommodate various dietary preferences and food allergies. Accommodated dietary restrictions will be noted above the menu on each release. If you have a question regarding any accommodation, please do not hesitate to email

+ Is there a dress code?

By default, events are casual. Deviations from the norm will be noted on the event invite. We won't go black tie without telling you, and if we do something outdoors or without electricity, we will notify you so that you may dress appropriately.

+ Who can attend events?

All humans attending Dinner Lab events must be over the age of 21. Canines and felines should stay at home.

+ What is the seating policy at events?

We have an open seating policy, so if you would like to sit with your friends, please purchase tickets for the same date and seating. We have long, communal tables, so once you arrive at an event, reserving a seat is as simple as laying your coat down or folding up a chair.

+ Should we tip the staff?

We take good care of our staff and chefs. We set up Dinner Lab events so that there is no cash/card exchange at the events themselves, as we like our guests and members to focus on the meal and good company. We promise, we take care of our own.

+ Is alcohol included?

Yes, each of our events (unless otherwise noted) will include beer and wine offerings, along with a specialty cocktail or two for the evening*. We'll also offer drink pairings for various courses during some of our events.

*In Texas and Pennsylvania, the ticket cost is solely for food only. Alcohol is given away for free at the events to anyone that shows up, regardless of whether or not they purchase a ticket. So you see . . . . We don't sell you alcohol, we would never even dream of selling you alcohol . . . . We love you so much we just give it away . . . Like Oprah, but just not as classy.

**In Seattle, the ticket cost is solely for food only. Alcohol is given away for free at the events to our invitees. Yes, we love you so much we just give it away.

+ What happens if I arrive late?

Like a concert, the show doesn't stop for you. Please try your best to arrive when you can. However, if you're late, please come in when you can and enjoy.

+ How do I purchase tickets to an event?

Event tickets are purchased online approximately three weeks prior to the dinner through our website. Each week you'll receive an email from us regarding upcoming events for your market. All other cities' upcoming dinners may be found on our website. Depending on demand, we will open up additional seatings.

+ How much are event tickets?

Event prices vary based upon the number of courses, the complexity of the cuisine, and local market conditions. Tickets typically range from $50 to $95 per person for members and one guest, including food, booze and gratuity. Additional tickets may be sold at a premium price.

+ What happens after I purchase tickets to an event?

Once you purchase event tickets, you'll receive two emails: a confirmation from Dinner Lab and a receipt of your payment. On your Dinner Lab confirmation, you can find the date and seating time of your purchased event tickets. You'll also receive a link to enter your guests' dietary restriction(s).

+ Do you have a cancellation policy?

Up to 5 days prior to an event, tickets may be credited towards a future meal purchase. Membership dues are non-refundable.

+ I had to cancel a dinner, how can I redeem my credits?

To redeem your credits, you may simply email, and we will check on availability and get you all set up.

+ Can I add another email address to my account for receiving event releases?

Unfortunately, no. We only allow one email to be registered to a membership.

+ I'm not receiving emails

If you use gmail, please check your promotions tab for all other email clients please check your junk/spam folder. For gmail move Dinner Lab's emails to your primary inbox and select "do this for future emails" or mark as "not spam."

+ What is the information in my profile used for?

Dinner Lab is a data-driven company. Profile information is only used for internal purposes in order to create the optimal dining experience for our members and their guests. It's important for us to learn our members' dietary restrictions and dining habits, as well as their drinks of choice or favorite restaurants. If you have any questions regarding your privacy, please review our Privacy Policy

+ How do I add a new card to my account?

You can do this on the "Manage cards" tab in your profile as well as using the "Pay using a new card" option after selecting "buy tickets" for an event. Be sure to select the "save this card" button before you submit your payment.

+ Will my membership automatically renew?

Memberships are good for one year and are set to auto renew by default, you can change this in your profile using the "Manage cards" tab.

+ What is my default card and how is it used?

The default card is the card that is automatically selected when purchasing tickets, and is used for renewing your membership. You can change which card is your default card at any time under "Manage Card" in your profile. to update your default card, selected "Default" next to the correct card.

+ Why do I see a "Manage cards" option in my profile?

Dinner Lab is changing up the way that we process our payments. If you haven't received an email with more information about this yet, be on the lookout for that shortly. All cities will fully switch to this new system by Monday, October 6.

+ Why can't I see my renewal date under manage cards?

Members who bought their memberships using Paypal will need to add a card to their account in order to see their renewal date. Once a card is added, you'll be able to see when your membership is up for renewal.

+ How can I confirm my reservation?

You'll receive to emails after making a reservation - one to confirm your payment and one to confirm the details of the dinner. If you're having trouble finding these emails, try to check your spam folder and if it's still not showing up, shoot an email to

+ How can I get my non-profit involved with Dinner Lab?

We would love to hear from you about ways Dinner Lab can get involved with your non-profit. Please fill out this form and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.

+ Can I buy a membership as a gift?

Yes! Follow to purchase a gift membership. Once you purchase the gift, you'll receive a promo code that the recipient can use to redeem their membership once they're ready for it to begin. If you're already a member, be sure that you're logged in when making the purchase and you'll receive a $20 discount on a dinner for the referral.

+ If I'm a member, will at I get a $20 promo code for the referral?

Yes, must be logged in when making the purchase.

+ When will the gifted membership start?

When the promo code is redeemed.