Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is Dinner Lab?

Please see our About Us page

+ What do I get with my Dinner Lab membership and what's the cost?

Each member is granted access to the Dinner Lab website that shows the upcoming events happening in all of our markets. Members can purchase tickets to any of our seated dinner events or happy hours with availability in any city in which we operate. With a single membership you can purchase two event tickets at the member price. Membership fees are determined based upon your local market and your membership plan, but currently range from $100-$200 per person per year. Tickets for individual events are purchased separately.

+ What happens after I purchase a membership?

Once you've purchased a membership through PayPal, we'll send you an email with your login information and temporary password. After you login the first time you'll be able to update your password, view all the member events and update your diner profile which helps us make sure we're bringing you the types of foods you love. Please note that you will only be able to skip filling out your profile one time, and you can check out our Privacy Policy in the footer.

+ When does my membership officially begin?

+ My profile edits won’t go through, what do I do?!?

Thanks so much for taking the time to fill out your profile - we really appreciate it. Please try logging out, then log back in and click on "buy tickets". Be sure to eliminate any apostrophes and dashes from your answers. If you've successfully completed your profile then you should be able to navigate to this page without any issues. If this doesn't work, email and we'll get to the bottom of this.
Once you attend your first event your membership clock will start. From that point forward, your membership will remain active for one calendar year. You will receive an email with renewal steps when your year is approaching its end . So if you can't attend an event right away, no worries, you're not losing any time.

+ Where can I see information on past events?

We've got a couple examples of menus we've done that you can check out here

+ Is there a way I can change my username?

Yes. If you're one of those people who doesn't actually use their PayPal email address anymore, you can change your notification email address in your profile to something you use more frequently and we'll be sure to notify you of new event postings there.

+ How do the events work and how much are event tickets?

Event tickets are purchased online in advance of the meal through our website. Once a ticket is purchased to an event, guests need only bring themselves and good conversation. There is no cash/card exchanged at our events. We do this so that you can focus on what you do best - meeting and eating. Meals range from sit down dinners to more of a happy hour / party atmosphere. We provide the staff, bartenders, and hostesses so all you need to do is show up and enjoy yourself. Event prices vary based upon the number of courses, the complexity of the cuisine, and local market conditions, but typically range from between $50 to $95 per person for members and include a minimum of 5+ courses and all booze, tax and gratuity.

+ Who should I contact for help regarding my tickets?

We have a stellar support team that is here for you Monday - Friday 8AM-5PM CST via and they frequently will check their emails after business hours. However, if this is an urgent matter, say on a saturday before an event please contact your cities manager below.
New Orleans: Tricia Freeman-
Austin: Michelle Llaguno-
Nashville: Andrea Pinkard-
New York: Becky Goodman- Los Angeles: Kelly Valentine-
Miami: Ken Macias -
San Francisco: LeeJay Victor-
Atlanta: Brittany Norton-
Chicago: Clare Dietzen-
Washington DC: Chrissy Anderson -

+ When are events and how often do you do them?

Our seated dinner events are typically held on Thursday, Friday and/or Saturday nights and will often times offer an additional happy hour portion. To try and accommodate for our members’ varied schedules, we generally offer multiple seating times for each of our events, and you can select your preferred seating time on the website prior to buying tickets. Our events last between two and three hours including dinner service and some pre-dinner cocktails, and we’ll host at least one event per week per market unless we’re on a break.

+ How do you release new events?

All members are notified of new event postings every Wednesday or Thursday (depending on your market) and have the opportunity to purchase tickets to events that they want to go to. We try to release events a few weeks out . . . . we know it’s hard to get babysitters and cancel your other less awesome plans.

+ How do I redeem my credits?

To redeem your credits all you have to do is email and we will check on availability and get you all set up.

+ Can you accommodate for my food allergy or dietary restriction?

Many (but not all) of our meals will have alternative ingredients or preparations that can be substituted to accommodate for various food allergies and dietary restrictions. We encourage our chefs to craft dishes that can be flexible for a variety of diners, but because we allow our chefs creative reign over the menu process, decisions related to alternative ingredients are ultimately left in their hands. Each menu on our website will list the specific food allergies and dietary restrictions that will be accommodated for that meal.

+ Is there a dress code?

By default, events are casual. Deviations from the norm will be noted on the event invite. We won't go black tie without telling you, and if we do something outdoors or without electricity we will notify you so that you may dress appropriately. If we’re up on a helipad, we’ll let you know not to wear heels {100% true story}

+ Are kids welcome?

All members and guests attending Dinner Lab events must be over the age of 21

+ Are pets welcome?

We love pets as much as the next company, but it has been our experience that pet hair and food don’t mix. Please leave your pets at home.

+ Can I sit with my friends?

We have an open seating policy so if you would like to sit with your friends please purchase for the same seating. Once you arrive at an event it is as simple as laying your coat down or folding up a chair.

+ Are there rules of conduct?

We expect that our guests treat each other and our staff with respect. This is a private membership organization and we expect that our members conduct themselves in a way that makes people want to dine with you again. If this is found to not be the case, guests may be removed from events, and memberships may be revoked if problems arise continually. This translates to just be your normal jovial self and don’t be a jerk.

+ Should we tip the staff?

We take good care of our staff and chefs. We set up Dinner Lab events so that there is no cash/card exchange at the events themselves, as we like our guests and members to focus on dining and meeting one another. We promise, we take care of our own.

+ Is alcohol included?

Yes, each of our events (unless otherwise noted) will include beer and wine offerings along with a specialty cocktail or two for the evening. We’ll also do some meals that include specific drink pairings for each of the evening’s courses.

+ What happens if I arrive late?

Like a concert, the show doesn’t stop for you. Please try your best to arrive when you can, but if you are late, just come in when you can and enjoy.

+ Do you have a refund policy?

Up to 48 hours prior to an event, tickets may be refunded as a credit towards a future meal purchase. Membership dues are non-refundable.

+ Why don’t you tell us the location ahead of time?

Like Christmas, somethings are better left as surprises.

+ Can I transfer Tickets?

Membership allows you to purchase a ticket for the person who is listed as a member and one guest. Accompanying guests must have the member present in order to attend Dinner Lab events.

+ Can I buy a membership for someone else?

After you’ve become a member in Dinner Lab, you’ll have the ability to purchase gift memberships in any markets that don’t currently have a waiting list.